Inception Part.2

This is the dream, inside the dream. This is the manifestation of my previous intention with my blog called “Inner Divinity.” I am finally open to receiving my heartfelt desires of becoming a coach and author. 

This morning my mantra was “I am an energetic match for my heartfelt desires and things flow to me with joy and ease.” And so it is. I am stepping my power and owning my truth, all though I feel crazy and people say I can’t. I am no longer available to put my dreams and desires on hold. There are many other things I am no longer available for, but those pertaining to reaching my goals, dreams and being of service are number one for me. 

I am beginning to see and believe how simple things can really be. I am beginning to feel what love really feels like and that feeling is the simplicity of it all. The feeling of warmth, support, ease, joy, the playfulness of life. The trust in knowing I am guided and supported by the Universe at all times is that feeling called Love. 

My intention of this new platform is to create a space for people to come to for guidance, how they too can begin their journey to live their heartfelt desires as. How they too can begin to get connected with the unlimited support and guidance of the universe. How they too can stand in their truth and be their own saviour, even when you feel crazy.

I’ve been able to obtain a new standard of calmness and trust within myself, a new sense of ease in me being daily. I want to share it with the world because I see so many of you struggling and fighting yourself daily and I know how it feels. Life is not meant to be painful, fearful, aggressively defeating daily. There is a way to break through to a new sense of freedom and sense of purpose. I know that because I’ve found it, I’ve done the inner work and now it’s time to receive the unlimited abundance I’ve become an energetic match for. For the unmanifested to manifest into my reality. 

You are always an energetic match for your current physical reality and as you began to do the work your surroundings upgrade too. I am worthy of a life of abundance and so are you, it is our birthright. I am so excited to share this new chapter of my life with you and I can’t wait to share what I have learnt on my journey so far with the world. Let your ascension begin.